Statement: Momo Okabe: Dildo



Session Press is pleased to announce the first US official monograph, Dildo by Momo Okaba (born in 1981, Tokyo, Japan).


Okabe’s work has been acclaimed by Nobuyoshi Araki and Masafumi Sanai through the prestigious photo competitions for the young talents in Japan, New Cosmos of Photography (99) and EPSON prizes (09).  However, her name still remains silent to the photo market in Japan possibly because her depiction of subject is considered excessively sexual and provocative.


Dildo is about her romantic journey with her lovers, Kaori and Yoko Okabe went out from 2004 to 2009.  Okabe stated:


I met Kaori when I was 24 years old and it was summer.  Kaori was a woman and had gender identity disorder. We broke up after three years.  Then, I met Yoko and we became lovers.


Yoko went to Thailand for sex reassignment surgery and removed her uterus. It was as small as a fist.  I heard that people’s life became shorter when they removed their reproduction organs and received hormone therapy regularly.  Since Yoko doesn’t have her uterus and breasts any longer, she can apply for a new family register as a man.


Kaori went through the breast removal operation and lives in Canada now.  I wonder if people laugh at us when they know about our story.  But we are not doing anything wrong.


Grown up in France in her childhood for four years, Okabe felt isolated all the time as an outsider and she could not speak to any her classmate at school.  So she started to fantasize her own ideal world alone.   Even she came back to Tokyo with her family later, she felt that she didn’t belong anywhere because Tokyo appeared to be too materialistic for her.  Only through taking a picture, she can express her inner voice and she believes that photography is the place where she exists and relies on.  Dildo beautifully depicts her loneliness and happiness and shares the fleeting moments in love we all have cherished at least one time in life.