Session 06, Best Book of Korean Monthly Photography Magaine 2015
Ren Hang


Ren Hang

Session 06


First Edition of 500


Ren Hang@ 2015


Photography by Ren Hang

Image Editing by Ren Hang, Huang Jiaqi

Design by Alex Lin, Studio Lin

Printing by Thomas Bossuyt, die Keure, Belgium


No part of this book may be reproduced by any form without permission of publisher and photographer.


ISBN: 978-0-692-42135-2



Ren Hang and Session Press would like to thank the following for their support on this publication:


David Strettell, Giles Cassels, Alex Lin, Kenichi Nakahashi, Huang Jiaqi, Bryce Zhao, Yao Yuan, Sui Jun, Tran Pham, Li Ke, Jingwen He, Miwa Susuda, Tingting Huang, Garho Kametani, Thomas Bossuyt and  Geoff Han.




Published on the occasion of the exhibition


matchbaco gallery, Tokyo

June 19- July 25, 2015


All the images in New Love are taken in New York City by Ren Hang in February 2015.




Session Press is pleased to announce NEW LOVE, the first official US monograph by Ren Hang, one of China’s most distinguished emerging photographers.  NEW LOVE presents Hang’s most recent photographs, taken in February of this year during his first visit to New York City. It is published on the occasion of Hang’s upcoming exhibition “NEW LOVE,” to be held June 19 through July 25 at matchbaco gallery in Tokyo, Japan.


Hang’s work in NEW LOVE includes casual snap shots taken of friends in parks, cafés, streets, and apartments in Brooklyn and Manhattan, smartly blended with the striking nude photos he is becoming increasingly renowned for. Hang is highly censored by the authorities in China, and the opportunity to work in New York City brought a more relaxed and playful energy to his photographs, and gave his abundant creativity new avenues of expression. As a result, both the diaristic pictures and the stylized nudes in NEW LOVE are imbued with an undeniable sense of discovery and joy, and thrillingly document one of contemporary photography’s most exciting young artists taking bold advantage of the new and unfamiliar.




Based in Beijing, China, Ren Hang (b. 1987) is highly recognized for both his fine art and commercial photography. Exhibited around the world, his photographs are in numerous private and public collections, including those of the Kansas State University Art Museum in the United States and the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow, Russia, as well as the CAFA Art Museum and ThreeShadows Photography Art Centre, both in Beijing.  NEW LOVE is Hang’s twelfth book of photographs and his own Poem Collection of Ren Hang.

hard cover, cloth bound book, 56 pages, A4 size (210 x 297 mm)
First Edition of 500