Kohey Kanno


—Photography: Kohey Kanno
—Design and Drawing: Yohei Akishika
—Poetry and Prose: Daisuke Monko
—Translation: Daniel Gomery & Miwa Susuda


—9" x 12"
—32 pages
—Edition of 100
—Cloth tape over staple binding
—Inkjet printing
—All handmade (printing quality may vary)

Session Press is pleased to announce its inaugural publication, “Honeymoo” by an emerging photographer, Kohey Kanno. Designed by Yohei Akishika and writer by Daisuke Monko, “Honeymoon” embraces Kanno’s collective memories of the days in Saipan, a small island located near Philippines. Kanno found transitional beauty in woods, light and sky expressed his own illusionary world through his quiet gazes.


ニューヨークの出版社、セッション・プレスの記念すべき第1作目の写真集は、東京出身の菅野恒平の『ハネムーン』です。デザイナーは秋鹿 陽平が手がけ、エッセイは門戸 大輔が執筆しました。サイパン島へ旅行に行った際に、戦争の傷跡が残る土地や風景に遭遇し、幻想的な思いに耽ったことを作品にしました。菅野自身が手作りで制作した100部限定のアーティスト本です。

Artist Statement

The photographs were all taken at Saipan, formerly a Japanese island, having now been in the possession of the United States since 1944. I felt I had to read up on this place. I learned that forty thousand people had been killed there during the Second World War.

It occurred to me that the landscape photographs looked as obscure as they did because they depicted the scene of the crime, and the scene had not been cleansed…

Kohey Kanno

Kohey Kanno

Kohey Kanno
(Tokyo, 1982)

Kohey Kanno was born in Tokyo in 1982 and received his B.F.A. in photography from Nihon University in 2004. Upon his graduation, he began his career at Shiseido Co., as an assistant photographer. He has been active in the commercial field in Japan and abroad; Pourton de Moi (2009), Patricia Field since 2010; editorial shootings for many publications. In addition, his work has been exhibited widely in Tokyo and NY; “We are One: Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Crisis Relief” (NY/2011), “Here is ZINE Tokyo” at Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS (Tokyo/2011), Green Point Gallery (NY/2010), Nor.Folks.NYC, (NY/2010), “The NY ART BOOK FAIR” at MoMA PS1 (NY/2010), “paper life” (Tokyo/2006), “Shiseido from Designers” (Tokyo/2006).

His previous book projects include “The boy with the thorn in his side” (2010), “paper life” (2006), “99 stories” (2004 to present), “tabinotameni” (2008), “rope way vol.00″ (2003) “rope way vol.01 (2004).



日本大学芸術学部写真学科卒。2004年FOILアワード入選。2008年から2016年にかけてニューヨークで活動。2017年にIMAプロジェクト主催「BEYOND 2020 #5」に選出され、アムステルダム、東京、パリにて巡回展を行う。この有望な写真家は、画像の象徴性を非常に重視している。2016年、ジャパンフォトアワードにて『Invisible Memories』のシリーズでブルーノ・ケルシュ賞、シャーロット・コットン賞を受賞。

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