”SUMMER XU” by Nobuyoshi Araki

”銀塩女優 SUMMER XU”

By Nobuyoshi Araki
Art Space AM, Harajuku
January 22 - February 17, 2019

Since around 2016 or 2017, it’s possible that by combining Art Space AM’s successive and lengthy exhibitions of Nobuyoshi Araki’s work along with his annual shows at Rathole & Taka Ishii galleries that you’ll see the artist’s photographs are on display in Tokyo more days out of a year than not. Indeed, “Summer Xu” opened a mere two days after his previous show closed. The photographs which comprise “Summer Xu” are the result of a few shoots with Chinese actress 许晴 Xu Qing and macro polaroids of flowers from Araki’s archives. The gallery’s website states that the first contact between the two was in the 1990s- the most recent works in the show were made in late 2018. A commemoration of sorts, the exhibition opened on Xu’s fiftieth birthday.

Art Space AM 原宿
John Sypal's Tokyo Camera Style

展示会:銀塩女優 SUMMER XU

展示会場:Art Space AM 原宿

2016年から2017年頃からの傾向として、Ratholeギャラリー、Taka Ishiiギャラリー、Art Space AMの3つのスペースのどこかでいつも、荒木経惟の展示会が開催されているとう印象を持つ。本展示会は、中国の女優、 许晴 Xu Qing のポートレイトと花のポラロイド写真を合わせた展示会だ。アラーキーとXu Qing が初めて出会ったのは、90年に遡り、現在までコラボレーションは続いている。本展示会は、Xu Qing の50歳の誕生日を祝って開催された。