“GRAF TIME 2012-2016” by Shuhei Motoyama

“GRAF TIME 2012-2016”

by Shuhei Motoyama
Place M, Shinjuku
May 13 - 19, 2019

At Place M in Shinjuku is an excellent exhibition by photographer Shuhei Motoyama. Titled, “GRAF TIME 2012-2016” it is comprised of a selection of images during his involvement with the photographer-run group/publisher GRAF. Motoyama’s photographs, often made in rural Japan, offer visual rewards to those who take time with them. “Looking” is the first step in encountering any image- but it’s a good photograph that keeps you around long enough to start seeing.

Spending a few minutes with any one of Motoyama prints is an enriching experience. The photographic details contained in the image reveal themselves as elements that ultimately fit together to create a complete world within the frame. Motoyama’s inclusion of private family photographs within his broader selection is a clever way of tethering the work to his specific, individual reality.

Motoyama isn’t just a prolific photographer- he’s also a prolific publisher. Since the early 2000s he’s been producing books of his work. A selection of them are available for purchase in the gallery. Keep in mind that the installation shots above just show some of the work in the show- work shot over four years(!) and the entire exhibition, per usual in Tokyo, is only up for six days.

John Sypal Tokyo Camera Style

展示会:「GRAF TIME 2012-2016」
写真家: 本山周平
展示会場:Place M
会期:2019年5月13日- 2019年5月19日(水)

新宿に所在するギャラリー、Place M で 本山周平 氏の “GRAF TIME 2012-2016”の展示会が開催されています。GRAF は写真家自身が運営する出版社で、本山氏もメンバーの一員であり、本展示会では、GRAF時代に撮影された記録的な作品が、展示されました。田舎町を撮影した作品が多く、本山氏が、その場所に長く滞在し制作したことが、作品との距離感から伝わります。見ることから、イメージとの最初の対話が始まりますが、本当の意味での「見る」ということは、良い写真を前にして、初めて体験されることだと、本展示会を通し改めて感じました。