Uncovering important talents from Japan, Korea and China and spotlighting their work and books to a wider audience. We hope that many Asian photographers have a chance to inform their activities through our program, and that we will create a new visibility for up-to-date profiles that have not been easily accessible before.


Interviews and book reviews by Miwa Susuda.

B&H photo / What is Photography?
Essay for "On Daido" exhibition at The Fotobookfestival Kassel
"On My Mind" Foam Magazine Talent Issue2018
"Does Yellow Run Forever?" by Paul Graham for Photoeye
10 Best books of 2015 for Photoeye
“Unique Photographs” By Fred Clay
ART AND ARTIST: An Interview With Nick Waplington for Let’s Panic
Emerging Japanese Photographer File
Japanese artist Ataru Sato for Office Magazine
“How We See” for 10 x 10 photobooks
10 Best books of 2014 for Photobook Store UK
Interview: John Edmonds for IMA online
Interview: Tyler Mitchell for IMA online
Essay for Foam Magazine Talent Issue #52
10 Japanese photographer for L'OFFICIEL Art
officiel Japanese photographers review with Joseph Akel
Gallery Talk at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Photobooks 2016 for Photobook Store UK
10 Best books of 2017 for Photoeye
Interview: David Brandon Geeting for IMA online
Interview: Grace Ahlbom for IMA online
Interview: Pixy Liao in Ima Online
Photobooks 2018 for Photobook Store UK
Photobooks 2019 for Photobook Store UK
Photobooks 2020 for Photobook Store UK
Photoeye 2018 Book Review
Photoeye 2019 Book Review
Photoeye 2020 Book Review
Talk with Leseley A. Matein on Virtual Assembly Photobook Fair in 2020
The European Photography List of 40 Books: Lieko Shiga "Rasen Kaigan"
The European Photography List f 40 Books: Joji Hashiguchi "Shisen (The Look)"
The Trans-Asia Photography Review
VOSTOK magazine 002 / Ari Marcopoulos, Lele Saveri, Gary Schneider, Michael Galinsky, Leigh Ledare and Paul Graham
VOSTOK 001, BOOK REVIEWS / Katsu Naito, Nigel Shafran and Juergen Teller
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