"Don’t Disturb My Disquieting Mood" by Shingo Wakagi

"Don’t Disturb My Disquieting Mood"

by Shingo Wakagi
Super Labo Store Tokyo
March 16 - April 14, 2019

Tokyo based photobook publisher Yasunori Hoki of Super Labo has opened a beautiful new space that further enriches the city’s photography scene with Super Labo Store Tokyo in Jimbocho. In his crisply designed bookshop / gallery you’ll find books he’s published by Daido Moriyama, Ed and Deanna Templeton, Hajime Sawatari, Nobuyoshi Araki, Naoki Ishikawa, Shingo Wakagi, Joel Meyerowitz, and many others. Hoki san told me that Meyerowitz himself wrote the prose which became the neon sign in the front window of the space.

The inaugural exhibition and photobook for the venue is Don’t Disturb My Disquieting Mood, a collection of memories and work by Shingo Wakagi from 1994-2018. An interesting talk event was held between Wakagi and editor / writer /DJ / Radio Host / Wes Anderson friend Kunichi Nomura. Talk events like this are a part of Tokyo’s photography scene- indeed nearly every weekend someone is talking to someone else about photography before an audience in a gallery. There’s always a lot to learn. This talk was particularly enjoyable as it was less about photography and more about the thoughts of these two men on things ranging from coming of professional age in the 90s- and the magazine culture of the time- to the incredible tourist-focused shifts that Tokyo has gone through recently and to how Wakagi would show up for magazine shoots with two Ricoh GR1s and some film to the surprise of the celebrities who expected a photographer with a larger camera. Their conversation was so entertaining two hours flew by in a matter of minutes.

Super Labo Store Tokyo
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展示会:「Don’t Disturb My DisQuieting Mood」

写真家: 若木信吾
会期:2019年3月15日(金) - 2019年4月14日(水)


記念すべき第一回目の展示会は、若木信吾の1994年から2018年までに撮影された作品『Don’t Disturb My Disquieting Mood』だ。若木氏と、ウェス・アンダーソンの友人の野村訓市、作家、DJ、ラジオホスト等を交えてのトークイベントは充実した内容だった。このようになトークイベントは、東京で毎週のようにどこかで開催されていて、会場される前でも、常に誰かが写真について話し合っているようだ。このトークイベントは写真自体にフォーカスした内容ではなく、90年代に写真家として道を決意した若木氏自身の話や、雑誌文化や、観光客を重点に置いた近年の東京の様変わりなどがトピックの中心となり、興味深かった。また、若木氏がRicoh GR1sで雑誌の撮影に臨んだ際に、もっと大きなカメラを期待していた有名人モデルにとても驚かれたことなど、撮影の裏話も披露してくれ、2時間のトークイベントはあっという間に終わり、楽しい時間を過ごすことができた。