Yusaku Aoki
青木 勇策

File 3: Yusaku Aoki(Kanagawa, 1987)

Although Aoki completed his art education at Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo in 2012, photography is his own discipline and his skills are all self-taught. Aoki has an impressive commercial background working for clients such as Them magazine and Tone, Tokyo. Since his teenage years, Aoki has cultivated a passion for music, leading him to travel all over the world. Among the many cities he’s visited he seemed to most enjoy living in London, taking many pictures in clubs and concert halls. He shot GOMA’s Didgeridoo performance in 2009. In addition, he made two self-published books, “GAIA” in 2017 and “These Daze” in 2015 and shown his work in exhibitions at Terrace Square and Quiet Noise in 2017.

When I first discovered Aoki’s work through Instagram, I was stunned by the intense and affluent visual expressions in rich color pallets . Obviously Aoki’s main theme is portrait, a very hard picture to master, and I see his tireless endeavor to capture each person’s life through his lense. His pictures’s decisive perfection allows me to just enjoy the work without need for further explanation.

Favorite Photographers: Lieko Shiga, Bill Henson, Antoine d’Agata and Paolo Roversi

Yusaku Aoki Instagram

青木 勇策 (1987年・神奈川県生まれ)

桑沢デザイン研究所を2012年に卒業。特別な専門教育を受けずに写真を始める。Themマガジンや、Toneのルックブック等でコマーシャルワークに携わる。十代の時から音楽へ強い関心を持ち、世界各地を旅するようになる。特にロンドンには、長く滞在しコンサートやクラブでの写真を多く撮影した。Didgeridoo奏者のGOMAのライブ演奏を2009年に撮る。Terrace Square とQuiet Noise で 2017年展示活動をし、また自費出版で、2017年に『GAIA』 、2015年に 『These Daze』を出版した。


好きな写真家: 志賀理江子、 Bill Henson, Antoine d’Agata、 Paolo Roversi