RongRong (Beijing East Village, 1968)

In 1993, RongRong moved to Beijing and befriended the young and struggling bohemian artists that were also settling in the same desolate village, later known as the Beijing East Village. Over the course of five years, RongRong served as the principal photographer and essential collaborator in the village, documenting the quotidian yet eruptive lives of his fellow aspiring artists, who were experimenting with performance art as a personalized form of political resistance. Some of these artists would go on to become the most iconic figures in Chinese contemporary art. The earnest and highly emotive images that RongRong made not only serve as crucial documents of this legendary avant-garde community, but they also visually testify to the fearless and vibrant exploration that defines Chinese youth culture in the 1990s.

His favorite photographer: Man Ray

Image Credit: Courtesy RongRong and Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

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Reviewed by Felix Ho Yuen Chan, Chinese photography specialist

RongRong is currently having an exhibition at The Walther

荣荣 (1968年北京东村系列)


Image Credit: 图片由荣荣和三影堂摄影艺术中心提供